ACTPA is the ACT professional association for the principal-class in ACT public education. Its members lead education for all ACT public school students and shape the educational agenda through direct and constructive action, with particular focus on:



ACTPA shapes the role and responsibilities of principals and deputy principals now and into the future. ACTPA represents and advocates for the principal perspective on policies of the ACT Education and Training Directorate (ETD) through working in partnership with the Director General and Education Minister; and on Australian education policies through membership of national principal associations.


Research and Innovation


ACTPA engages in action research around 'leading principal practice' and encourages innovation through professional learning and sharing.


Principal Wellbeing


ACTPA provides support networks for personal and professional wellbeing. ACTPA advises members about sensible

self-management of professional workload and personal life-balance.


Professional Learning


ACTPA creates and delivers effective Professional Learning for school leaders. ACTPA leads and supports schools through planned and ‘just-in-time' learning opportunities. It also provides connections for purposeful one-on-one coaching options.



ACTPA Core Focus