Current Projects


The Wellbeing of the Principal Class

ACTPA continues its strong focus on Principal and Deputy Principal Wellbeing in 2019.

Professional learning events, networking structures, social contact and close involvement with the ACT Directorate will form the basis of ACTPA’s wellbeing program which will implement the outcomes of ’The Hall Report’, the 2018 ACTPA / ED report on Wellbeing.


ACTPA affirms that little can be achieved in contemporary and future school education without quality wellbeing for Principals and Deputy Principals.

Deputy Principals


Throughout 2019 ACTPA will continue to focus on the professional needs of Deputy Principal members.


Each ACTPA learning event incorporates the professional needs of Deputy Principals as noted in the 2018 wellbeing professional learning series and the workshops The Business of Schools for Principals, Office Managers and Deputy Principals.


In 2019 ACTPA will continuie the highly successful Deputy Principal exchange program. This will enable Deputy Principals to investigate the functionings of a partner school and then spend time within that school. ACTPA will ensure that a firm Deputy Principal network supports the work of Deputy Principals

Growing a Mentally Healthy Generation

ACTPA will make mental health of children a key focus for 2019.

Professional Learning events, support structures, teacher resources and professional advocacy will underpin ACTPA’s focus on the mental wellbeing of students.

Promoting resources and professional learning around resources such as Be You will enhance teacher capacity to identify and support mental wellbeing of students. More importantly ACTPA will advocate for community resourcing and intervention to  enhance children’s mental wellbeing 'before they come through the school gate'.